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Changes to the French Employment Law

Written by: Bridgewest

Changes-to-the-French-Employment-Law.jpgThe changes planned for the Employment law in France have been regarded as controversial and they have been seen as detrimental for the individuals hired in the country. However, some business owners believe that the new changes will improve the relationship with their employees. Our lawyers in France are able to tell you detailed information about the applicability of the new employment measures.

Small businesses are in favour of the new employment law

While unions in France protested against the new changes, specifically those that expand the grounds for dismissal, some business owners believe that the regulations will actually help them communicate better with their employees and even create more jobs.
Some business owners in France, particularly those who own small or medium-sized companies, are in favour of the proposed amendments to the Labour Law. The ability to negotiate more flexible work hours directly with the employee is seen as an advantage.

Significant changes to the employment regime in France

The most important reforms brought to the employment law are the ones that make it easier for employers to lay off employees, and more negotiations between the employer and the employee (without the necessary aid of the union).
The current amendments to the French Labour Law are perhaps the most significant ones introduced in the country, after the 35-hour workweek which was implemented sixteen years ago. Unions have strongly opposed some of the changes and the French Government has made an announcement that it is willing to work on some of the issues. The most recent set of changes includes the abolition of the cap on unfair dismissal compensation (after protests from the unions) and no change to the working hours for apprentices. Also, the Government limited the range of discussions company owners can have with their employees without the intervention of the unions.
The experts at our law firm in France are able to give you detailed information about how and when these changes will be enforced and how you are affected as a business owner in France. 


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