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Register as a Sole Trader in France in 5 Steps

Written by: Bridgewest

Register-as-a-sole-trader-in-5-steps-in-FranceForeign enterprisers coming to France can now benefit from simplified procedures if setting up a sole trader, also known as registering as auto-entrepreneurs, in this country. The Employment Law was amended last year in order to encourage the establishment of small businesses. This year, the sole trader registration procedure underwent a slight change, the first one being the reference term for this type of entity, now called micro-entrepreneur. Below you can learn how to register as a micro-entrepreneur in France in 5 steps.

1.Registration with the French Trade Register

The first step to become a sole trader or start a small business in France is to register with one of the departments of the National Business Register. All you must do is to file an online application together with a copy of the passport. Based on these documents, you will receive a business number.

2.Artisans must register with the Chamber of Trades

The first change brought to the sole trader registration procedure implies the classification of jobs, which is why artisans must now register with the Chamber of Trades in order to obtain their license. Our French lawyers can provide you with information about the necessary licenses you must obtain.

3.Salesmen must register with the Chamber of Commerce

If you want to start a small sales business, you need to register with the Chamber of Commerce, while if you want to act as a sales agent you must file your application with the Commercial Agents Special Register within the French Commercial Tribunal.

4.Register as a liberal professional in France

Accountants, lawyers, doctors and other liberal professionals are only required to register for social security in France, according to the new law.

5.Taxation of sole traders in France

One of the best parts of the new legislation is that it provides for smaller taxes for micro-entrepreneurs. The tax is paid as a small monthly contribution which depends on the business activity.

If you want to start a small company or become self-employed in France and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our local law firm.




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