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Relocating Your Business in France after Brexit

Written by: Bridgewest

Relocating-your-business-in-France-after-BrexitGreat Britain hasn’t even left the EU yet, still many UK nationals living or commuting to France are starting to weigh their options on whether to move back to the UK or simply move out for good. The same happened to UK business owners who now have to face a difficult choice: what country in the EU is a better fit for needs after Brexit? From many points of view, France seems one of the appropriate choices after Brexit.

France is one ferryboat trip away from the UK

The real Brexit is approaching and foreign investors with businesses in the UK are fretting about where they could relocate their companies. France is the perfect choice from at least one point of view: geographical proximity. For large companies with large logistics issues, France is next to the UK, therefore relocation costs could decrease considerably. Also, France and the UK have always had a tight economic cooperation, so there is no reason why the two states shouldn’t get along as before after Brexit.

Tax treaties between France and the UK will remain in place after Brexit

According to economists, moving a company or even moving as a British citizen to France after Brexit would not have such a great impact on the collaboration between the two governments. A double tax treaty is already in place and that won’t change, unless it is modernized or to provide for enhanced benefits, so the avoidance of double taxation of the corporate, the income and other taxes have already been established. Our French attorneys may offer full information on the double tax treaty with the UK.

UK companies would have access to the 2nd largest EU market after Brexit

France is currently the second largest market in the EU, which is one of the strongest reasons to relocate a company even if Brexit wasn’t going to happen. However, when having to choose a country for its membership to the EU, why not choose a strong economy, such as France.  Brexit comes with many challenges for UK companies, however they must choose a country which grants them safety within the EU boundaries. They can find this safety in France, as foreign companies benefit from the same rights as local ones.

IF you want to relocate your business to France after Brexit, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in France.


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