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Residency Program for Investors in France

Written by: Bridgewest

New_rules_for_autoentrepreneurs_in_France.jpgForeign entrepreneurs who have the possibility to invest a large amount in France can benefit of a residency program that will grant them a 10-year economic residency permit. This facility is granted for non-Schengen entrepreneurs who will make a long-term investment with non-speculative goals.
There is no condition related to previous stay or residency in France, language knowledge or professional experience and the formalities can last up to two months since the moment the investor submits all necessary documents. 
The economic residency permit will be granted only for investments of minimum EUR 10 million in commercial or industrial assets in France. The foreign entrepreneurs must do the investment all by himself/herself or through a company where he/she owns minimum one third of the capital share. 
There are also facilities for foreign entrepreneurs in other European countries, such as UK, where they can obtain a visa if they observe the local regulations. For more information you may contact our partner lawyers who will help you obtain a residency or work permit.


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