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France Ranks 8th in the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index

Written by: Bridgewest

France-ranks-8-in-the-Foreign-Direct-Investment-Confidence-IndexFrance continues to remain one of the most attractive countries in terms of foreign investments at global and European level, according to the latest Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index released by A.T. Kearney. The main factors leading to France’s position in the report are several reforms undertaken by the government. Our French lawyers can offer more information on the latest changes brought to the legislation on foreign direct investment.

Why does France rank 8th in the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index?

The report is based on the latest measures taken by governments in each country to support foreign investments and the changes in the FDI plans that have had an impact on the economy of the country. This has led to France occupying the 8th position for the second year in a row at global level in the latest Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index. At European level, France rose one position compared to last year and now occupies the 4th rank.

A.T. Kearney’s report emphasizes the French government’s measures undertaken during the last year in order to boost foreign investments. Last year, France attracted FDI valued at 44 billion euros.

What does the French government stake on?

According to the report, the government has implemented two measures that have had a huge impact on its ranking and made the country so attractive to foreign investors:

  • -          the reforms in the labor market;
  • -          the consolidation of two large governmental agencies into one with the purpose of creating appealing incentives for foreign investors.

The reforms in the labor market refers to the facilities granted to French companies to hire personnel and the option of negotiating the duration of the work week with the employees, which should lead to the decrease of the unemployment rate.

The second measure implies the enabling of the “Creative France” campaign which targets investors from countries like Germany, the UK, Singapore, Japan and even the UAE. 70% of the foreign companies from these countries have already announced they plan to increase their investments in France over the next 3 years based on the new campaign.

For information on the new incentives granted by the Government, you can contact us. Our law firm in France can also assist foreign investors who want to open companies here.



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