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New Investment Opportunities for French Companies in Africa

Written by: Bridgewest

French-companies-to-soon-be-able-to-invest-in-AfrciaThe closeness to Africa brought France significant advantages when it comes to investments. This is why a great number of companies in the innovation sectors have gathered at a meeting held in Paris in order to agree upon investments opportunities for French companies in Africa. Our lawyers in France can offer more information on the legislation on foreign direct investment.

What African countries could French companies invest in?

The “Les Rencontres Africa” meeting was held at the end of September in Paris and was a chance for French companies seeking for new markets to offer their services or products to encounter new business opportunities. Businessmen, developers and innovation companies have gathered in order to find viable solutions which would boost investments and generate a sustainable growth.

Among the most active countries at the meeting was Senegal which offer great investment possibilities for French companies in the transportation and telecommunications industries. Senegal is one of the countries in need of a modern infrastructure which could be built by companies in France, considering the proximity of the two countries.

Not only Senegal offer good investment prospects, but also African countries from which France imports raw materials, like the Ivory Coast. However, the Ivorian Government is also keen in modernizing the country’s infrastructure which is why it is trying to develop new relations with French entrepreneurs interested in expanding outside Europe.

Investment possibilities in new technologies

When organizing the meeting, the French party also took into consideration modern industries, such as telecommunications and the financial one. With African countries starting to develop, French banks and small and medium-sized companies in the digital sector could find new investment possibilities. Ivory Coast, for example, has begun to modernize its internet infrastructure and by 2020 the country should have a 7,000 km long network of optic fiber and considering there aren’t that many companies to offer Internet services, French businesses could find new development opportunities on a market that is just starting to develop.

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