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5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Invest in France

Written by: Editor

5-Strong-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Invest-in-France.jpgWhen you think of France, you think of tourism, French bread, fashion, arts, culture, the Eiffel Tower, justice, beautiful landscapes, wines, great food and important history, but besides the above mentioned, the country has a stable economy and an interesting investment potential. There are so many significant domains where local and foreign entrepreneurs can analyze the opportunities and can suitably enter the market to make profits. If you are interested in making investments in France, or if you need legal services for your enterprise, you can ask for guidance and complete information from our French lawyers.

1. In-house investments in France

The authorities in France have entire trust in interesting incentive plans developed for the small and not that rich regions in the country. Tax benefits and financial subsidies are among important advantages offered to foreign investors who choose to settle in France. Moreover, the privileges for attaining grants and subventions are equal for local and overseas businessmen.

2. No taxes for company profits in 2017

Foreign companies with crafts-oriented and manufacturing activities are free to establish their headquarters in different cities in France. Many of them consider it is more convenient to relocate near the important towns, due to low costs and great means of transportation. Therefore, the government agreed to collect no taxes on profits for the first five years. This is a daring measure that makes many foreign firms or investors to start doing businesses in France, a trend to consider in 2017.

3. Each investment project can be supervised by managers

As part of an interesting and attractive programme related to the future investments in France, the authorities want to capture the attention to even more financiers in the country, by offering the possibility to have a project manager in charge of proficiency, development, efficiency and profit opportunities. It is a daring proposal which can be successfully embraced by businessmen worldwide who choose to come to France.
We remind that our legal services offered by our French law firm can be suitable options for your brand-new company in the country, as a local or a foreign stockholder.

4. The tourism in France is blooming

According to statistics, France is one of the most visited countries in Europe, with about 80 million tourists every year. Investing in tourism in France means to generate income each season because the country is visited with no restrictions regarding the weather or similar aspects. Building up hotels in Paris or Lyon and refurbishing traditional cottages in Southern France, one of the most appreciated region in the country, are future visions to be considered by foreign investors worldwide.

5. France is one of the most wanted countries to invest in

With more than 1,000 foreign investments every year and with interesting advantages offered to all entrepreneurs, France is definitely a winning bet in 2017. The country always encouraged innovations and will host any type of projects, due to its profitable, powerful and modern market. The experienced workforce available in the country, the quality of life, the great education and health system are among important features considered by all businessmen with potential investment ideas for France.
You may address to our law firm in France if you are interested in investing in the country or if you need legal services for your company.


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