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November' 2014 | Archive | Blog

France, against the transatlantic trade agreement with US


The French government has made it clear that it will not support the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US, if certain changes are not made to the document. The trade deal would mark the beginning of a historic collaboration between Europe and the United States and it could boost import and export activities in France, as well as create new business opportunities for foreign investors. However, the deal remains uncertain as other counties in Europe, like Germany and the UK, remain skeptical. 

France to reduce the budget deficit


France announced that it will take new measures to reduce its budget deficit and that it will make the necessary clarifications. France’s Finance Minister announced that the country managed to make some changes which will be good for reducing the deficit. 

Hollande: No tax rises until 2017


French President François Hollande recently declared, in a television interview, that he plans to introduce no more taxes until the end of his term, in 2017, and at the same time resolve the very important issue of unemployment. The news could mean that foreign business owners will become more interested in investing in France.

President Hollande: Canada and France to do more business together


French President Francois Hollande and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper met during Hollande’s first official visit to Canada. The two officials discussed various matters and France’s President declared that France and Canada should do more business together. This could be an important opportunity for foreign investors willing to open companies and establish mutual collaboration.

More investments in France for reducing its budget deficit


France and Germany, two of the most important economies in the European Union, are working on a set of measures that will help boost investments and strengthen competitiveness. The two countries believe that foreign investments are important for the growth and revitalization of the Eurozone and have agreed to cooperate in order to meet a common goal for a better future of the EU.