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December' 2014 | Archive | Blog

Measures to unblock the stagnating economy in France


French President Francois Hollande and Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron are planning to integrate a set of controversial measures meant to unlock the country’s stagnating economy. The measures include longer working hours during Sundays for shops, which could prove beneficial for some French business owners, opening up national bus routes and making traditionally close professions in France more accessible. All these are meant to ease the existent economic rigidity. 

A new target for the public deficit


France’s Finance Minister Michel Sapin said that France’s public deficit will manage to drop below the European Union target of 3.0 percent until 2017. The predictions were made after a recalculation proved that the deficit for 2015 will be lower than previously thought. If France manages to keep this promise, business owners will see an improvement in the overall investment situation in the country.

Property prices in Paris to fall in 2015

Entrepreneurs who want to invest in real estate in France or who want to relocate their office and purchase a convenient office space can benefit from the first fall in the prices of properties in Paris since 2011. Current predictions say that the price per square meter in Paris will fall under 8,000 euros during the first quarter of 2015. Business owners can see this as an opportunity and choose to open a business in one of the most famous cities in the world.