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January' 2015 | Archive | Blog

Business etiquette in France


France is a country with a rich history and its people value their heritage and culture. Whenever foreign investors do business in France or open a company in this country, they should consider the specific cultural and corporate customs in France. We have gathered some of the most important elements that can be referred to as business etiquette in France.

Why the rate of new firms rose by 25%


When we think about entrepreneurs in France, we tend to believe that they are high-risk takers because starting a new business will inevitably present its own particular risks. But as it turns out, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. And recent findings show that in France, a country that has one of the largest economies in the EU, entrepreneurs make calculated risks and entrepreneurship is based partly on government sources.

Preparations for the introduction of the financial transactions tax


France and other European countries plan to introduce a financial transactions tax that could reduce speculation in global markets. The French President recently declared that the tax should apply on all financial products that are at a low rate. France has dropped its demands regarding the inclusion criteria for certain types of transactions that would have been an exception for this transaction tax.

The "supertax" of 75% on earnings above €1m was cancelled


France cancelled the wealth tax and businesses in France will no longer have to pay the contributions that imposed a high rate on earnings over 1 million euros. The tax was initially imposed as a measure that would help the country escape the effects of the global economic crisis, but the measure soon brought a lot of opponents and protests. However, starting February 2015, large companies in France and high-income individuals will no longer have to repatriate profits or use various wealth management measures to avoid the "supertax".