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February' 2015 | Archive | Blog

The main changes included in the economic reform bill


France is making efforts to improve its economic situation and has prepared a revolutionary economic reform bill. While some of the changes may encourage consumer spending and even foreign investments, some of François Hollande’s measures attracted skepticism. 

New rules for French shops


French shops in certain touristic areas are going through an important change. A legislative measure, proposed by France’s Economy Minster, allows shops to stay open on Sundays. This unprecedented measure could boost sales and please tourists. However, the main goal is to make France more business friendly and more attractive for foreign investors

Environmental rules in France


Foreign investors who want to open a company in France should know that the country has adopted a sustainable development strategy and also has a functioning environment charter. Companies in France need to comply with various environmental issues, like water management, waste management and if, applicable, hazardous waste disposal regulations.

The French economy to boost in 2015


The latest predictions for 2015 regarding France’s economic situation show that the country is on its way to economic growth, as the lower oil prices and a weaker euro seem to be the main ingredients that will boost the country’s economy this year. This is good news for foreign entrepreneurs willing to invest in the country.