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May' 2015 | Archive | Blog

France's plans for a minimum corporate tax rate in EU


France and Germany have recently revealed that they support a common basic corporation tax among the EU member states. The plans are just being debated by EU officials, however even in this early stage the proposal has created some important reactions from British officials who believe that this would result in higher taxes for British companies. Our French lawyers are ready to help you understand the implications of such a decision.

Bonus annual depreciation for certain investments


Certain exceptional measures have been proposed by the French Prime Minister for businesses operating and engaging in commercial activities in France. One of these measures will be the bonus annual depreciation for certain investments, primarily equipment bought by the companies. The measures are intended to encourage investments in France and need to be approved by the French parliament in order to become applicable.

Tax exemption for second homes


Second home owners in France can benefit from a special tax exemption from an applicable surcharge, only if they are unable to let or sell the property and according to certain circumstances. Our French lawyers can help you sell or let a property in France and we can also help you if you are a buyer who’s trying to find a property in France.

Reduced capital gains tax rate for non-EU residents in France


The capital gains tax was substantially reduced for individuals who are residents of countries outside of the European Economic Area. The larger tax has been ruled out because it was considered to be discriminatory and also illegal. Until this measure, non-EU residents working in France had to comply with different capital gains taxes. If you are such a citizen working in France, our French lawyers can help you with tax compliance.