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March' 2016 | Archive | Blog

A Lower Rate for the Tax on the Palm Oil


palm oil tax will apply for the manufacturing of food in France. The value of the tax was ten times larger but the Government decided to adopt the lower, more realistic tax.The palm oil tax will be levied per ton of produced food, starting with 2017 and will gradually grow until it will reach its final value in 2020. The measure is part of the biodiversity bill in France and will influence trading companies as well as food manufacturers in the country.

Changes to the French Employment Law


The changes planned for the Employment law in France have been regarded as controversial and they have been seen as detrimental for the individuals hired in the country. However, some business owners believe that the new changes will improve the relationship with their employees. Our lawyers in France are able to tell you detailed information about the applicability of the new employment measures.

Refund for Social Charges Paid Between 2012 to 2015


The social charges imposed on rental income and capital gains produced by non-residents in France will be maintained in 2016. The tax liability will be applicable on income derived from rental and investment income in France produced in 2015, taxable in 2016. These social charges are maintained despite a ruling from the European Court. However, individuals have already applied for tax refunds for these payments made until 2015. The experts at our law firm in France can help you with tax compliance in the country if you are a non-resident.