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March' 2017 | Archive | Blog

Tourism Registered New Growth Numbers in France Last Year


Foreign investors oriented towards the French tourism industry will welcome the news that France was the world’s leading destination for tourists in 2016. The total number of foreign visitors rose to 83 million last year in France. Statistics show that France surpassed Spain and the United States in the number of foreign citizens coming here for leisure purposes. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors interested in setting up business in the tourism industry.


FM Sapin: Household and Business Confidence Stand at a Very High Level


The signs of the expected economy growth in France appeared in the last quarter of 2016, due to more resistant consumer market and numerous important investments in the country. Experts and statistics predict the same trends for this year, when France must remain one of the strongest economies in Europe, aligning with the powerful countries. If you are interested in making investments in France, you are advised to solicit help and guidance from our France lawyers. They can also help you in tax matters for your company registered in France.

Changes in the Taxation System in France in 2017

The taxation system in France applies to all companies and natural persons in the country related to the generated incomes. 2017 comes with important changes which we are going to relate to this article. But before we enter into details, we remind that our lawyers in France are able to provide you with complete information and legal assistance for your company in the city.