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FM Sapin: Household and Business Confidence Stand at a Very High Level

Written by: Editor

PM-Sapin-Household-and-Business-Confidence-Stand-at-a-Very-High-Level.jpgThe signs of the expected economy growth in France appeared in the last quarter of 2016, due to more resistant consumer market and numerous important investments in the country. Experts and statistics predict the same trends for this year, when France must remain one of the strongest economies in Europe, aligning with the powerful countries. If you are interested in making investments in France, you are advised to solicit help and guidance from our France lawyers. They can also help you in tax matters for your company registered in France.

Expectations for 2017

With 0.4% economy growth in the last quarter of 2016, France became the second largest economy in Europe. The GDP (grow domestic product) remained at 1.1%, but authorities predict this percentage will be surpassed this year without any doubts. Foreign businesses in France are definitely important sources of incomes in the country, and the government relies on the excellent incentives and improvements to attract even more investments in 2017.
Michel Sapin, the Finance Ministry in France made positive declarations regarding the business confidence and household consumption, considering that these indices will remain at high levels starting with January 2017, where numerous jobs have been placed on the French labor market. We remind that you can obtain complete information about the investment laws from our lawyers in France, if you have decided to start a business or make investments here.

Positive signs in the Eurozone for France in 2017

France recovered quite fast in the last few months of 2016, registering numerous investments in the important areas of interests in the country. The French private sector gives signs of improvements and it is predictable it will touch a vigorous repossession in the widespread Eurozone this year. Although everyone believed the French elections will destabilize the economy, the things stood quite different and no fears related were felt in this critical, yet important period for France.
We invite you to contact our law firm in France if you need legal services for your company established in the country.


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