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France Improves Ranking in World Bank's Doing Business Report

Written by: Bridgewest

The World Bank recently released the 15th Doing Business Report which assess countries all over the world in terms of regulations that ease of harden the possibility of starting a company in 190 countries. Among these countries is also France which has improved its overall ranking at both global and European levels. Our lawyers in France can explain the latest regulations which have made it easier for foreign investors to do business in this country.

France has become a model for reforms related to insolvency procedures

In the latest Doing Business Report, France ranks 31st at worldwide level and 15th at European level in terms of measures taken to ease the burden on investors seeking to start businesses here. Among the sectors France scored best are the trading across borders, the reforms related to resolving insolvency, the enforcement of contracts, the ease of obtaining construction permits, the ease of starting a company, the protection of minority shareholders and the access to electricity.

Out of all the indicators, the report draws attention on France’s capability of trading where it ranked first for the second consecutive year.

Foreign investors who want to start a business here can rely on the legal services provided by our French lawyers.

The ease of starting a business in France

One of the most important indicators in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report is the ease of starting a business, where France managed to climb a few places and reach the 25th position at global level. According to the index, France obtained 93 points out of the total 100 thanks to the reduced number of procedures when registering a business – 5 – and the number of days required to incorporate it – 3.5.

France also obtained a better score in terms of protection of minority shareholders, reaching the 31st place. In terms of enforcing contracts, France now ranks 15th, 3 places higher than last year.

It should be noted that even if the report assessed the countries’ results for the year 2017, it will be used as a guide for the incoming year.

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