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France Inaugurated the Largest Startup Incubator in the World

Written by: Bridgewest

France-inaugurated-the-largest-startup-incubator-in-the-worldStarting with June 29th, France has the largest incubator in the world dedicated to tech startup companies. Located in Paris, the 34,000 square-meter location comprises spaces which can host up to 1,000 French companies seeking to develop their businesses. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors interested in setting up companies here.

France to become Europe’s technology capital

Or at least this is what the government hopes to achieve with the new startup incubator. Ambitions aside, a thing is certain: the Paris-based location named Station F is the largest spaces used to host 1,000 startup companies in France.

Seeing the great potential of developing new talent and companies they can work with, some of the largest digital companies in all industries have announced their participation in the projects undertaken in the incubator. Among these, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are just a few of them. Several French universities and venture capital funds will join the incubator’s programs. These will be mentoring French companies in their initial operational stages.

The new business incubator was designed to assist close to 2,000 investors, enterprisers and even students in the IT industry in France.

This is not the only business incubator France has

As a matter of fact, France is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to supporting startup companies. And this is the 40th startup incubator set up in Paris in the last few years. However, this is also the most modern of them and gathers under the same roof 3,000 workstations, an auditorium, various meeting rooms, a few bars and even a restaurant.

One of the most important roles of the incubator is to change the perception of foreign investors that France is “unfriendly” to companies, as the local workforce is not that cheap compared to other European countries. In order to enforce the idea of a friendly business environment, the French presidency announced the launch of a new program dedicated to innovation which will be worth 10 billion euros.

Foreign investors interested in the programs supporting the creation of new companies in France are welcomed to contact us. They can also rely on our law firm in France if they decide to register their businesses in this country.



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