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France Ranks First in the 2017 Soft Power 30 Report

Written by: Bridgewest

France-ranks-first-in-the-2017-Soft-Power-30-ReportThere is no doubt about the diplomacy of the French people, considering since ancient times the country has hosted many international congresses where important agreements were signed. France also mediated various international conflicts. These achievements have transformed France in an influential country at international level and, according to the Soft Power 30 report, in 2017 France became the most influential state in the world. Foreign investors interested starting a business in this country can request the legal services of our law firm in France.

France in the Soft Power 30 index

The Soft Power 30 report is at its third issue and France made one of the best impressions so far, as it came first in this year’s index. France has surpassed the United States which came first in last year’s report. In 2017, France ranks before the United Kingdom which comes on the second place and the United States which fell two positions.

From a diplomatic point of view, France has one of the strongest networks thanks to its position as a world leader in tourism. The report also confirms that France is the most open country in the world in terms of economic relations as it is part of several multi-lateral organizations.

France also has one of the richest cultures in the world with a flourishing creative industry, one of the most renewed cuisines, museums and galleries in the world. This year’s report also mentioned the huge success registered by French startup companies in an international context.

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What is the Soft Power 30 report and why is it important?

The Soft Power 30 index is one of the most important international surveys which assesses the influence and diplomatic power of the countries in an international context. The report is based on several criteria among which culture, sport, education and digital engagement apart from the diplomatic ties a country forms. The attractiveness for tourists and students from abroad is another key point when assessing a country.

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