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Investment and Employment Assistance Grants for French Companies

Written by: Bridgewest

Investment-and-employment-assistance-grants-for-French-companiesThe French government offers many incentives to foreign investors who want to open companies here or foreign companies seeking to expand their activities in an European country. The programs were designed to offer various types of support, among which tax incentives, equity investments, government guarantees when applying for loans, social security exemptions for companies hiring employees and so on. Below, our French lawyers explain the programs destined to companies interested in receiving incentives related investments and job creation.

What are the investment assistance programs issued by the French government?

There are five programs through which the government assists French companies investing their activities. These are:

  • -          the grants targeting specific industries through which companies may benefit from investments of at least 3 million euros;
  • -          the loan programs which provide for no interests when contracting a loan which implies investments of at least 2 million euros, where the amount which can be contracted interest-free is 500,000 euros;
  • -          corporate tax exemptions for a period of 5 to 7 years;
  • -          support for investments in real estate;
  • -          an exemption from the local economic contribution which applies in EU areas only.

The government also offers assistance to companies purchasing assets and equipment for their activities. Our law firm in France can assist investors who want to open companies here.

Job creation incentives in France

Job creation has been a problem the local authorities of French cities have been struggling with for several years. The government amended the Employment Law, and it also started creating strategies which would stimulate companies to hire employees. Some of the programs mentioned above, such as the corporate tax exemptions and certain grants are also projected for companies hiring or preserving a certain number of jobs.

The central authorities have also created a specific recruitment support program, through which a company may benefit from an employment tax credit, reduced or subsidized social contribution payments.

Training programs sustained by French companies will also benefit from tax credits and support from the local authorities.

It should be noted that these programs were created for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), therefore for a definition of a SME, please contact us. Our lawyers in France will also assist in setting up such type of business.



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