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Pro-Business Reforms to Attract Foreign Investors in France

Written by: Editor

Pro-Business-Reforms-to-Attract-Foreign-Investors-in-France.jpgChanging the direction of the labor force and considering what the best ways to attract foreign direct investments in France are among important measures the French government thinks of for the last months of 2017. Several reforms will be adopted in an important business field where investments can improve the economy and the stability of the country. With varied opportunities of investment, both local and foreign businessmen can focus on the main French industries, where they can set up businesses or relocate activities, with the legal help of our lawyers in France.

Pro-business measures in France to develop soon

France is known as the second largest economy in Europe. To maintain and even surpass such status, several measures will be adopted, including in the job market, where complete attention must be considered. Making France a more attractive market to foreign investors is the main reason why several reforms will be presented and debated by the authorities. Additionally, the unemployment rate is expected to decrease by boosting job offers and providing stability for employers in France. Several measures will be implemented for small and large companies, including the ones with relocated activities in France. When opening a business in France, one should consider the rules and regulations in this matter, starting with the registration process of a company, a matter where our French lawyers can help.

Interesting reforms for companies in France

According to the proposals made by the French government, enterprises with less than 50 employees will have the chance to negotiate the working hours, holidays, salary payments without having to communicate straight with the representative union of workers, but directly with the staff. As for the big companies with headquarters in France, the future reforms mention the possibility of settling all kinds of contracts with less restrictive rules which now are considered quite inflexible. Furthermore, companies will have the possibility to be represented by only one person instead of four as it is now.
Individuals who want to make investments in France are suggested to get in touch with our law firm in France.


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