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Strong Reasons to Invest in France

Written by: Editor

Strong-Reasons-to-Invest-in-France.jpgFrance has a strong and stable economy in Europe and it is considered a major player worldwide from this point of view. The skilled labor force and the taxation system are preferred and taken into consideration by investors who want to establish their businesses in France. There are numerous reasons to invest in France, where the legislation is permissive and accessible for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Our lawyers in France can explain the legal matters regarding the documents and the taxes when opening a company in France.

Low set-up costs for companies in France

With about 65 million consumers and being the 6th largest economy in the world, France is definitely a great destination for any kind of business you might be interested in. Even more, the costs of registering a company in France are low, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs at the beginning of their career and investments. The business start-up costs in France are lower compared to Japan, U.S. or Germany. One should consider the costs for the employees, rental places, utility, transport, and facility, besides the corporate tax imposed each year for certain profits. 

A proper infrastructure in France

France is considered to be the most visited country in the world, and Paris, the capital, a preferred destination which needs no further introduction. The infrastructure had to be in accordance with the flux of tourists who visit the country each year, no matter the season. The busiest airport in France is Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle for merchandise and also for passengers. The second largest high-speed railway network in Europe is found in France, which connects the main cities in the country but also abroad with the neighboring states.

A skilled workforce in France

There are numerous companies from overseas with establishments in France, and besides a suitable taxation system, the benefits also come from the skilled workforce in the country, which is considered an effective and prolific one, due to a continuous focus on self-development, training, and educational programmes. As it is known, France is a pioneer in employment rights and has a solid and accurate legislation in this matter, protecting workers no matter their nationality. We remind that if you want to set up a company in France and you need to know the legislation in this matter, our French lawyers can help.

French innovative sectors to invest in

There are about 1,000 startups registered in France so far this year, and still counting. The country is a promoter for innovative technologies applicable in short-term and with full potential worldwide. No wonder France leads in Europe’s innovative sector. The focus is on the quality and the influence of the patents, no matter if they are registered in a large number each year. Investors can point their attention to the communication sector where numerous innovations developed lately, generating money in a fast manner, even if many of them are only startups.
If you decide it is time to invest in France, our law firm in France can guide you throughout the legal matters, so please do not hesitate to contact us.


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