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The French Government to Boost the Tourism Sector

Written by: Bridgewest

The-French-government-to-give-a-new-boost-to-tourismTourism was always one of France’s most prolific sectors and has contributed significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the years. If in 2015, it registered a slight decrease, in 2016 tourism bounced back reaching 83 million visitors. In order to encourage these numbers to grow, the government has announced several measures which will be implemented starting with November 1st, 2017. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors who want to start a business in tourism.

France is anticipating around 89 million tourists by the end of the year

A recent report issued by the National Statistics Office, indicates France was a world leader in terms of foreign tourists visiting the country last year. The number of tourists registered in 2016 rose to 83 million, while this year 89 million foreigners are expected to visit France. However, the government has set a new target through which it plans to increase the importance of tourism for the economy: to bring 100 million tourists by 2020.

Accounting for 8% of the country’s GDP and 2 million jobs, tourism will be given a boost starting with the end of the year when new measures will be implemented by the government.

Good news for the players in the French tourism sector

The measures to be implemented by the government will indirectly help French companies in the tourism industry to attract a greater number of visitors because of different facilities offered to the latter. These measures include:

-          simplified visa procedures for the citizens of 10 new countries - visitors from 8 countries will be issued tourist visas within 48 hours starting with November 1st, 2017, while the remaining 2 countries will benefit from the same process starting with June 30th, 2018;

  • -          better highway maintenance between Paris and the nearest airports;
  • -          the establishment of a maximum waiting time at the borders;
  • -          new industry-targeted trainings for employees;
  • -          a new investment plan for mountain and seaside resorts;
  • -          new digital solutions which will help both tourists and companies.

The new measures will be implemented over the next two years, so if you are interested in starting a business in the tourism industry and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in France.



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