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Tourism Registered New Growth Numbers in France Last Year

Written by: Bridgewest

Tourism-registered-new-growth-numbers-in-France-last-yearForeign investors oriented towards the French tourism industry will welcome the news that France was the world’s leading destination for tourists in 2016. The total number of foreign visitors rose to 83 million last year in France. Statistics show that France surpassed Spain and the United States in the number of foreign citizens coming here for leisure purposes. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors interested in setting up business in the tourism industry.

The number of Asian tourists visiting France rose last year

Among the visitors checking into hotels last year, a great number was represented by Japanese and Chinese visitors. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the number of Asian tourist rose by 25.4%, with 2.2 million Chinese visitors over the summer months.

When asked why they had chosen France as their vacation destination, Asian tourists said they were impressed with the local cuisine and the quality of hotel services which were the main factors determining them to return here. The fact that France has 41 sites inscribed on the UNESCO’s heritage list attracted a large number of Asian visitors coming to France for the first time.

Winter months have also attracted foreign citizens coming to visit France’s winter resorts, with Val Thorens being voted Europe’s top skiing resorts.

Tourism in France’s economy

Tourism remains one of the greatest contributors to the French economy, according to statistics. Starting with 2014 when the economy started growing considerably, the total revenues generated by French companies in the tourism sector rose to close to 160 billion euros. with one-third coming from foreign visitors.

Tourism represents approximately 7.4% of France’s Gross Domestic Product and creates around 2 million jobs every year. Compared to other countries, France ranks fourth on a global level in terms of tourism receipts.

Foreign investors seeking to open companies in the tourism industry will also be interested to know that the government has created 254 higher education institutions dedicated to the training of personnel in the tourism sector and related fields.

If you are interested in opening a business in the tourism sector, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in France.



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