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Property Register France

Land Registry in France

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Properties in France need to be registered at the French Land Registry. The French tax authorities, namely the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, manage all issues regarding the registration of land in France. The official land registration system is available online and it applies to any urban and rural properties. Our lawyers in France can provide detailed information about the registration process and the necessary documents.

The French Cadastre

The cadastre is the official system for land registration in France. Cadastre plans for land and parcels in France are also available at the local mayor or a local notary but the French Government has implemented a system that makes it even easier to view land and building plots by using the official website of the French Cadastre. The cadastral map of France is available online and consists of almost 600,000 plans in image or vector format. Using the website, individuals can search the available maps using the address of the land or building.
The computerised land registry ensures an efficient and secure land registration service. The online version of the French Cadastre allows the user to view land and building plots, measure their area, print the plans or order hard-copy versions. An archive is also available and it may prove useful for interested individuals.

Information provided by the land office system in France

Different tools are available online for individuals who want to obtain information about a specific parcel and the cadastral record. Measurement tools are also available. The plans provided online do not show personal information about the owner. In order to receive information about the properties owned by a certain individual, a request can be made to obtain an extract cadastre. The form can also be obtained at the local land registry office.
Our French lawyers can help you obtain all the necessary information from the relevant French authorities. Before purchasing a property in France, it is advisable to perform a real estate due diligence to ensure that the property is a safe purchase.
Please contact our law firm in France for any issues regarding real estate. 


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