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Legal services offered by our lawyers in Paris

Legal services offered by our lawyers in Paris

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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legal_services_in_paris.jpgOur French law firm offers legal services in Paris and other major cities in France. If you are in need of legal assistance or advice, contact our specialized lawyers in France and they will assist you in any legal matter in Paris.

Company formation in Paris, done easily with our help

Our French lawyers will help you in the most common legal issues, including commercial activities such as the formation of French companies in Paris and other French cities. As France is well known for having a complicated procedure for opening a company in France, our lawyers will get you through all the process and you can instantly benefit from a company in Paris, France.

Our French law firm offers legal assistance and representation for the formation of an LTD (SARL - Société A Responsabilité Limitée), as well as a joint stock company (S.A - Société Anonyme) in Paris. In addition, if you plan on opening other type of company available in France, our lawyers in Paris will explain and walk you through all the legal procedure. Our legal services also include services related to company formation, such as company domiciliation in Paris, accounting services in Paris and many more.

Do you want to open an establishment of subsidiaries or branches in Paris?

Opening an establishment of subsidiaries or branches in Paris can be a rather difficult process; therefore our attorneys in Paris, France, will guide you through the entire process so you can start doing business in France in an instant. Our legal services in Paris are related to setting up legal entities in France, with or without independent legal personalities.

Are you in need of special permits or licenses for company activities?

Our experienced lawyers in Paris will offer assistance in obtaining all the permits and licenses required for doing business activities in Paris. Such permits can be obtained from local authorities, licenses to perform certain financial activities or requirements a company must fulfill in order to fire a French national.

Interested in mergers and acquisitions in France? Contact us

If you have an interest in purchasing shares in an existing France company, as well as other corporate restructuring on the France market, our French attorneys in Paris will explain all the details provided by the French law.

Liquidation and Dissolution of a company in Paris

Liquidation of a company in France, as well as dissolution, can be as complicated as company formation; therefore our experienced law firm in Paris will provide legal assistance related to this matter. In addition, our lawyers in Paris will also provide help if you need assistance in bankruptcy procedures.

Other legal services offered by our company

Our company can represent you throughout all the stages of litigation in Paris, and also provide advice on the taxation system and on legal minimization of taxes.


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