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Litigation lawyers in France

Litigation Lawyers France

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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France has a civil law system and its court system comprises general jurisdictions and specialized jurisdictions. Any matters concerning commercial litigation in France are brought before the French Commercial Court. Commercial matters, often including disputes between businesses or shareholders, are dealt with by professional French judges. Our lawyers in France will represent you, if you want to take legal action.
A legal claim in France can be filed by any individual who has a personal interest in the dispute. The claimant submits his/her claims before the Commercial Court.

The litigation process in France

A lawsuit in France generally begins when the summons are served to the defendant. A bailiff must be appointed to serve the summons. Once delivered, the documents must also be filed with the French court dealing with the dispute.
Before the case is prepared for trial, the parties are given a chance to exchange evidence, analyze and discuss the arguments and evidence. A magistrate is empowered to settle disputes between the two parties at this stage. A pleading hearing is scheduled just as soon as the case is ready for trial. Pleading hearings are a brief phase in a litigation process and their purpose is to allow the parties to state their arguments.
After the designated French court has heard the case, a hearing date is issued and on that date a decision will be made regarding the case. The time-frame for a decision can vary from approximately one week to more than a month, according to the complexity of the case.
Parties can appeal the issued judgement and the other party must be notified regarding this intention. The maximum period for serving a judgement is ten years after the date on which it was rendered. Under certain conditions, accelerated proceedings can be used. 

What is the mission of the French attorneys?

Our litigation attorneys in France can help you resolve legal matters concerning commercial disputes. Our French lawyers can also help with disputes concerning individual labour law litigations, such as disputes concerning employment contracts in France.
Please contact our law office in France for more information about legal procedures in France and other means of conflict resolution, such as arbitration.


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