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Obtaining a Residence Permit in France

Obtaining a Residence Permit in France

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Obtaining-a-Residence-Permit-in-France.jpgObtaining a residence permit in France is possible after a period of five years, if the individual has been living in the country during this time. Individuals may obtain a reduction to this mandatory habitual residence of five years in certain cases.
Our lawyers in France can help you obtain a France residence permit and live permanently in France. If you own a business in France and already conduct your business activities from this
country, this is a good option to consider. 

Residence in France

Only adults can apply for a residence permit in France. The condition under which France grants residency to foreigners is that the individuals have already spent five continuous years in France before submitting the application. In order to obtain French nationality, the individual submitting the application must already reside (have his or her domicile) in France at the time the naturalization decree is signed.
The duration of the mandatory habitual residence in France is reduced to two years in the following cases:
- the individual has completed two years of study and obtained a diploma from an university or college in France;
- the individual has exceptional course of integration;
- the individual is a francophone who contributed to the prosperity of France’s economic and social relations.
This exemption does not apply if the individual completed military service in the French army, rendered outstanding services to France or obtained refugee status in France.
The notion of residence is regarded as much more than just simple domicile. The individual applying for a residence permit in France must have his or her material interests in the country. Business owners in France and other types of professionals can be included in this category. 

Long stay visas

Some types of long stay visas can also be valid as residence permits for the first year of stay in the country. This applies to study visas, visas for spouses of French nationals and others. The long stay visa in France allows the individual to live in the country for more than 90 days.
Nationality can also be attained through marriage in France, after a period of four years from the date of the wedding. Our law firm in France can tell you more about the process of obtaining permanent residence in France.


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