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Obtaining a Work Permit in France

Obtaining a Work Permit in France

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Obtaining-a-Work-Permit-in-France.jpgNon-EU/EEA citizens who want to work in France or open a business need to obtain a work permit in this country. These types of nationals will also require a residency permit, apart from the work permit required to hold a job. The application for these two documents can be done at the same time, as the individual will not be able to use one without the other.
Our French lawyers can help you apply for a work permit in France or, if you are an employer who wants to hire employees, make the necessary arrangements at the Employment Office in order to be able to hire personnel.

Types of work permits in France

There are several types of work permits in France and they may be issued only for work related purposes or for residency purposes, in this case also granting the owner a permit to work in the country. A permanent residence permit (CR) will give its holder the right to work in France.
A temporary residence permit (CST) is issued for a specific type of work, such as:
- employee, self-employee or temporary worker;
- merchant, artistic works, scientific or research purposes;
- students or trainees.
Temporary residence permits can also be issued for the spouses or families or for family reunification purposes. 

Applying for a work permit in France

As an employer in France, you will have several duties towards the individual or individuals you want to hire. The employer is the one who has to make the first step in order to make it possible for the employee to come working in France. He must send a request regarding the open position to the French Employment Office and the employment contract needs to go through several stages of approval.
The application made by an employer who wants to obtain work permits for its non-EU/EEA employees must provide information about the company, copies of the employee’s documents and other documents. 
Our French attorneys can help you, if you want to submit an application for obtaining a work permit in France.
You can contact our French law firm for any issues related to the employment law or work matters.


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