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Obtaining Visa for France

Obtaining Visa for France

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Obtaining-Visa-for-FranceForeign citizens coming to France are subject to different regulations depending on their purpose. However, they must also supply evidence for the reason to come, their means of support and accommodation. They must also be in possession of a valid travel document, such as passport or ID. There are also foreign citizens, usually from non-EU countries, who require a French visa in order to enter the country. In order to obtain a French visa, foreign citizens will be required to pay certain fees and to request the services of professionals or lawyers in France with respect to the processing of the visa application. Applicants must state the precise purpose of their visit to France as the visa will be issued based on this information.

Available types of French visas

French visas are issued depending on the purpose and the duration of the stay. In special cases, such as short stays, the reasons for coming to France are not required.  The short-stay visa, or the Schengen visa, allows foreign citizens to stay in France for a maximum period of 90 days within a 180-day period. The short-stay visa is usually issued to touristic, travel, family visits or conducting business activities in France. In certain cases, foreign citizens may also be required to apply for a temporary work permits while staying in France.

Another type of visa is the French long-stay visa. These types of visas are issued for foreign citizens staying in France for more than 3 months. Long-stay visas are usually issued for study, work or family reunions. Holders of long-stay visas are required to register with the French Immigration and Integration Office once arrived in the country. The last type of French visa is the transit visa, which allows foreign citizens to transit international areas of the airports.

Required documents to apply for a French visa

The following documents must be submitted with the French embassy or consulate when applying for a visa:

  • - a visa application form,
  • - valid passport,
  • - proof of application fees payment,
  • - maximum 3 passport sized photos.

Applicants will also be required to submit proof of travel and repatriation insurance.

Considering there are many exceptions when it comes to applying for a visa, it is best to contact our law firm in France for relevant information about visa requirements for your country.



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