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We are a team of French attorneys and we can help the foreign investors with a wide range of legal issues, from opening a company to debt collection.

Law Firm in France

Law Firm in France

Updated on Monday 21st November 2022

Our attorneys in France work with numerous foreign clients and they are committed to providing high-quality legal services suited to every business/natural person needs. Our law firm in France offers a wide range of legal services and our lawyers have expertise in multiple areas of law such as: corporate law, public procurement law, criminal business law or industrial and labor relations. We can support and advise your French business, regardless of its size. 
 Quick Facts  
How can our French lawyer help you with business registration?

Dedicated legal services regarding company documents and preparation of forms are offered.

We collaborate with the local authorities for registration.

Services offered by our lawyers in France

Clients can be advised for:

- business incorporation,

- tax registration in France,

- litigation,

- debt collection,

- property purchase,

- trademark registration,

- contractual disputes and more.

Representation for divorce cases

 Each spouse can be represented by one of our divorce lawyers in France.

Support for licenses and permits (YES/NO)


Legal advice for commercial disputes

Contact us if you have been involved in a business dispute, like not respecting contractual terms, business torts, partnership disputes etc.

Power of attorney

Clients can be represented with this document, if they want to open a bank account, buy/sell a house, register a firm.

Real estate due diligence (YES/NO)


Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO) Yes
Company liquidation

The dissolution of company in France can be made voluntary or in the court of law.

Tax advice and planning

On request

Wealth management High-net-worth individuals can receive specific plans for a proper management of their wealth. 
We manage immigration issues 

Foreigners interested in French visa, residence permit, work permit or citizenship can benefit from legal advice.

Representation for Family Law cases

For those interested in the adoption or child custody, patternity disputes, family abuse, guardianship

Free case evaluation 

A free evaluation is offered online by our lawyers in France.

Dedicated solutions are provided.

Reasons to choose our law firm in France

- affordable prices for our legal services,

- an experienced and dedicated team of lawyers in France


Litigation lawyers in France

Our law firm in France will personalize the legal services it offers to the needs of our clients by offering them tailored solutions in accordance with the branch of the law they need help with. When it comes to litigation cases, our lawyers in France can help in the following cases:
  1. business litigation which implies any type of corporate law case which needs attention;
  2. employment litigation – we can represent employers and employees in resolving various types of disputes;
  3. debt collection procedures which require a lot of time, unless legal assistance is asked for;
  4. contract disputes – there are various types of contractual disputes which can be handled by our team of lawyers;
  5. civil cases litigations which can include Family Law disputes and civil contract litigation.
Our lawyers in France are at your disposal with more information on the legal services we can offer.
There are three ways of settling a dispute in France:
  • litigation or court proceedings;
  • arbitration;
  • mediation.
While litigation implies a trial with one of the French courts, the other two methods are used for amicably resolving disputes. Litigation, however, remains one of the most employed methods of resolving all types of disputes. Our litigation attorneys in France offer assistance in settling disputes in the court of law.
When it comes to arbitration, this method is usually used for resolving commercial disputes, because the procedure is less costly and lengthy. It also allows a higher degree of flexibility to the parties involved in the dispute. However, it is advisable to ask for legal advice before starting the arbitration process.
Mediation is another way of resolving litigation in France and it is mainly used in civil cases, such as divorce and child custody matters. Compared to arbitration where the case is handled by one or more arbitrators who collect evidence and offer a solution for the parties to reach an agreement, mediation is less formal and allow the parties a better communication through minimal intervention.
Foreigners interested in buying a property in France can call on the specialized services offered by our local French lawyers. They can take care of the formalities, from a legal point of view, as well as the documents necessary for such a transaction. It is good to know that a sale-purchase contract is signed in front of the notary, but not before our lawyer checks it from a legal point of view. On the other hand, you can ask for real estate due diligence to make sure you are making a correct purchase.

Assistance in debt collection offered by our lawyers in France

The debt recovery process in France can be very complicated unless handled by a specialized agency or a law firm. Our French lawyers can help local and foreign clients in recovering outstanding amounts of money from those unable to pay their debts. We will first try to recover a debt through the amicable procedure, by contacting the debtor and proposing him/her to pay the money in installments. Unless this procedure does not render the desired outcome, we can continue chasing the debt in one of the French courts of law. Do not hesitate to talk to us about any issue related to the recovery of debts. 
We invite you to watch a video about the services offered by our attorneys in France:

Open a company in France

Most foreign investors who want to open a company will request the services of a law firm in France. A local expert is able to guide any investor through the company incorporation procedure and help him/her observe the country’s rules and regulations.The types of companies that can be incorporated by our lawyer in France are the following:
  • the corporation or public limited liability company, shortly known as the SA;
  • the private limited company, S.A.R.L., which is a preferred business form in France;
  • the simplified stock company, S.A.S., which is a simpler form of the public company;
  • partnership limited by shares, S.C.A. which requires at least two founding members;
  • the limited partnership, S.C.S in which one of the partners is fully liable for the business’ obligations, while the other has a limited liability.;
  • the general partnership, S.N.C., which also requires at least two founding members with a full liability to the business’ debts;
  • cooperative, which is governed by the French Civil Code and is very popular;
  • sole trader – the simplest form of starting a small business in France.
Each of these companies has particularities as well as advantages for certain types of business activities. Our lawyers in France can give you detailed information about each one and we can also help you know more about the legislation for hiring employees in France. Our law firm in France can provide advice and consultancy in all matters related to the labor and employment laws in France.



Tax compliance in France

If you own a company in France or you work in the country, you will need to observe the rules and regulations for tax compliance. Our law firm in France offers professional advice for all matters related to taxation as well as for any financial issue. We provide advice for companies for corporate tax compliance, VAT registration and requirements, and payroll services. Our accountants and business advisers can help you with tax minimization strategies and our experts will also be able to help you with personal income tax matters. By requesting our services, you can make sure that all your tax returns are filed on time and no penalties apply. 
France is one of the countries that signed many double tax treaties. Besides the already signed treaties, France has many other drafts prepared to be ratified. As a general rule, the double tax treaties deal with the taxation of capital and income in France for non-resident investors. The double tax treaties deal with earned income, passive income and gains from real estate property. Having this in mind, you can ask our law firm in France for a customized advice in accordance to your business sector.

Corporate restructuring services in France

French companies facing financial distress can benefit from guidance for reducing their costs so that they do not end up in bankruptcy. This procedure is known as corporate restructuring and can be used by any company in need of protecting its assets and business. You can rely on our lawyer in France for legal assistance when it comes to corporate restructuring or bankruptcy if the case requires it.
If you need legal services in other countries, we recommend our reliable teams, such as lawyers from Slovenia and company formation agents from Estonia

Company liquidation procedures in France

Our French lawyers can help foreign clients who want to close their businesses in this country. This procedure is called company liquidation and can be completed with the help of our law firm. We can help clients prepare the documents related to closing down the business and file them with the Trade Register. We can assist with voluntary and compulsory liquidation, by offering legal advice in accordance with the procedures and the requirements imposed by the law. 

Why work with our law firm in France?

Our lawyers in France are able to help you with any legal issue. We offer legal advice, assistance and legal representation in commercial and business litigations. Our lawyers in France can help you with commercial legal assistance, arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. The experts at our law firm provide services for drafting legal documents, such as contracts with French companies, or can help you conclude sale and purchase agreements. If you are interested in business opportunities in other European countries, such as Malta, our partner lawyers in this country can help you.
If you are living in France or plan to move there, our lawyers can help you deal with all the formalities for obtaining a work permit or even applying for a resident permit. Our experts in Family Law will be able to help you in various family matters, including divorce and marriage, minor’s custody, wills, and inheritance matters and many civil law issues.
Please feel free to contact us for more information on our legal services in France. For our clients who need legal services in other countries, we recommend our experienced teams from other countries, such as Switzerland and Turkey or - a very good online resource.