About our lawyers in France

About us

Updated on Thursday 07th November 2019 is a member of, a European Legal Consultant based in France with offices throughout Europe. BridgeWest offers corporate and commercial services to foreign clients in France through its local team formed of lawyers and expert accountants. Your case will be handled by reputed lawyers in France with a strong experience in corporate and commercial law, company formation and corporate litigation.
Our local affiliates work with an international business, finance and tax law firm that has cooperated with a large variety of professionals in Europe and other countries all over the world.

Our French lawyers offer complete and tailored services to international clients, interested in opening a company in France and doing business in this country. The local attorneys will handle the company incorporation, every other procedure to open a company and will offer new ideas and solutions to entrepreneurs who need legal assistance for their business problems.

The lawyers in France provide tax consulting services for companies interested in legal methods to avoid double taxation, as well as advice on VAT regime in different countries and tax structuring.

About Bridgewest is a member of the Bridgewest legal network. Bridgewest is a registered trademark with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) in the European Union.