France Is a Leading Venture Capital Country in Europe

Written by: Bridgewest

France is no longer just the first country in terms of high-tech startups in Europe, but now it has become the leading state for funds raised through venture capital on the continent. The amount raised by French venture capital in the first seven months of the year was 2.7 billion euros, surpassing Germany and the United Kingdom. Our lawyers in France can explain the regulation related raising money through venture capital.

France outranked the two leading venture capital countries, UK and Germany

Venture capital has started gaining momentum in 2014 in France, as until then the government had not regulated this branch of the financial industry and even if it was possible, it lacked the legal support. However, things have changed this year, when the number of venture capital platforms, but also of companies seeking to raise funds for their businesses, has increased considerably.  In fact, it rose so much that French platforms raised 2.7 billion euros, way ahead of Germany and the UK, the two leading countries in terms of venture capital up to this moment. While the UK, which came second, rose 2.3 billion euros, Germany occupied the third position with only 1.1 billion euros.

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Venture capital funding in 2017 is 9 times higher than in 2014

As mentioned above, venture capital started becoming popular in 2014, however at the time the amount raised over the period of a year was 0.3 billion euros, which is quite small compared to the funds raised by French companies in the first half of this year. 9 times smaller, according to statistics.

One of the most important reasons for which venture capital has become so popular is the larger number of startup companies which have appeared on the French market and which are in need of funds. However, they are not the only ones benefiting from the popularity of venture capital, as platforms have also started to make a reputation of their own. France has 4 large venture capital platforms known all over Europe, compared to the UK and Germany which each having one large platform.

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