Business Restructuring in France

Business Restructuring in France

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Business-Restructuring-in-France.jpgBusiness restructuring in France is used by companies that want to change their current functioning in order to attain a more profitable structure that will suit their long-term goals. Operational and financial issues can be addressed during this process.
French companies that need to undergo this relatively complex process can benefit from hiring a professional law firm in France that will provide them with needed expertise to make the transition as easy as possible.

The company restructuring process in France

The company restructuring process can include drastic changes or subtle ones that will make a significant difference in the overall functioning of that company. It can include the division of some departments or even their dissolution as well as the dismissal of employees.
The process might be necessary for international companies that have a branch or a subsidiary in France and need to reorganize their presence in the country. Investors need to have a restructuring plan and pay attention to following the various regulations in the country for these types of activities: the corporate law and even the labor law when dismissing employees. The grounds for dismissal in such cases need to be justified in a manner accepted by French law such as financial or technical difficulties.

Legal aid during business restructuring in France

The team of experts at our law firm in France can help you with advance planning for corporate restructuring as well as legal aid in any issue that may arise during the process. Our experts can also help you with debt recovery and other actions necessary in a financial restructuring case.
Operational restructuring will need to be handled in a different manner, especially if the company is an international one and the French branch will need to observe the procedures and strategies settled by the mother company abroad.
If the company is going through an insolvency or bankruptcy investigation in France, one of our lawyers will help you file for bankruptcy and take all the necessary steps to handle this issue.
For more information and legal aid please contact our law firm in France.