Company Management in France

Company Management in France

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Company management is extremely important for the success of a business and it encompasses a wide arrange of issues, starting with the business vision the top management has planed for the company and going down the hierarchical scale to the basic procedure of hiring employees and managing personnel. A strong management team will know when and how to act to avoid the dissolution of the company and will make the most important strategic decisions for the well-being of the company.

Good company management: the key to a successful company

French employees show a strong work ethic, but the overall work satisfaction can be a decisive factor in their productivity. The company's strategy is also an important factor to be considered in long term company management. Last but not least, France has its own business culture particularities and it is helpful for foreign investors to become accustomed to them before opening a company in France or doing business in France.
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The hierarchical structure in France 

The business life in France has as a main characteristic the strong hierarchical structure, applied in most cases in large companies. French companies are very straightforward and define the positions and the power one has when occupying the respective position very clearly. 
The top managers are regarded as being the strongest authority within the company and they are usually represented by their subordinates. In addition, the respect for authority in France is won based on competence. 

Company directors in France

France has strict requirements for persons applying for a director position. First of all, they need to have legal capacity to act, meaning that they are not mentally ill, they have not previously been disqualified as directors and they must not hold qualifying shares. In addition, depending on each company, the articles of association may require specific skills that the applicant must have, proven by either a diploma or professional qualification.
One of the duties of a French director is that he is obligated to act according to the corporate objective. Therefore, he only has power within the frame set by the corporate director. Moreover, he or she must attend board meetings, has a duty of confidentiality and must always act according to the corporate interest.
The person responsible for organizing and managing the board is the chairman. The respective person has the obligation of ensuring that the company’s management bodies are properly run and that the company’s directors are capable of fulfilling their responsibilities. He or she generally has a non-executive role and he/she is designated from the directors of the company.
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