Property Lawyers in France

Property Lawyers in France

Updated on Tuesday 02nd February 2021

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Property lawyers in France.jpgThe French Property Law mentions that foreigners are not restricted to buy properties in France. Owning a property in France is available and it is subject to a relatively fast purchase process that can be entirely overseen by our property lawyers in France. Our advisors can help foreign citizens align with the legal requirements for buying a property in France without complications.

How can I buy a house in France?

Our property lawyers in France can explain the purchase process of a property in this country. There are specific conditions and regulations that must be observed at the time a person decides on buying a property in France:
  • Once you decided on the property you want to purchase, you should solicit real estate due diligence. One of our property lawyers in France can offer legal assistance.
  • The sale-purchase contract of a property in France must be signed by both seller and future owner after a serious verification made by our advisors. Such an agreement must respect the provisions of the French Property Law.
  • The pre-sale agreement enters the discussion and a deposit of a maximum of 10% of the sale price must be made in a bank account by the future owner.
  • If there are any legal problems linked to a property contract, the process of acquisition can be postponed.
Properties in France can be easily purchased if there are no litigations involved. You can rely on the support of our property lawyers in France who can verify the agreement before any signature.

What types of properties can I buy in France?

Houses, villas, apartments, condominiums, and residential properties can be purchased by foreigners in France. The only thing to consider is that that selected property should not be state-owned, as such acquisition is not possible. If you decided on a property to buy in France, we suggest you hire the services of our property lawyers in France.

Short facts about real estate due diligence

A real estate due diligence is an important procedure that should be solicited at the time a property is about to be acquired. This should be the first verification step part of the property purchase in France. The French Property Law mentions no restrictions in this direction, yet you can discuss it with our property lawyers in France for more legal details.

Verifying a property in France

The Land Registry in France comprises complete information about properties in this country. Those interested in details about a specific land or property can access the Land Office System in France for such information, by making a request in this matter. We remind that our property lawyers in France closely work with the relevant authorities and can help foreigners obtain the necessary information about a particular property or land available in France. Instead of dealing with possible misunderstandings in matters of formalities when verifying a property or land in France, you should address your inquiries to one of our French property lawyers. Our advisors know the provisions of the legislation and particularly the French Property Law.

Legal services offered by our property lawyers in France

A wide range of legal services related to property matters can be offered by our property lawyers in France. Buying a house in France is not a complicated process, but it is suggested to have the legal support of an advisor who knows the applicable legislation. This way, clients can avoid any possible litigations or disputes that might arise during the process. Here are the areas covered by our French property lawyers:
  1. Residential and commercial properties in France.
  2. Support for construction companies in France.
  3. Expropriation.
  4. Support for tax purposes imposed on properties in France.
  5. Mortgage foreclosure.
  6. Sale and purchase of lands, hotels, etc.
  7. Support for real estate companies in France.
Our property lawyers in France can be hired by companies activating in the construction field or real estate so that all the legal requirements mentioned by the French Property Law can be fully understood. Here are some facts and figures about the real estate sector in France:
  • The house prices for properties in France grew by 5% during the first quarter of 2020.
  • Stronger price rises were registered in Paris, the French capital. The prices for apartments rose by 7.95% per square meter during the same period (Q1 of 2020).
  • Ile-de-France is the most populated region in France. The prices for properties grew by 6.55% year-on-year, according to statistics offered by
Our property lawyers in France are at your disposal with complete legal advice if you are interested in purchasing a property in this country. Contact us for assistance.