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Updated on Tuesday 26th October 2021

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Succession Lawyers in France.jpegAccording to the French Succession Law, in case of death, the children and the wife or husband as the case may be are the heirs of the property left behind. If the deceased does not have children and/or a wife, then the attention is directed to the parents. There are many aspects related to French property law on death, so it is good to consult with our succession lawyers in France and find out all aspects of this case.

What you need to know about French Succession Law

French Succession Law applies to all assets, whether it's property, bank accounts, or even business. The same law comes to the attention of foreigners residing in France, with the mention that in certain situations, the law of the native country is applicable, if no restrictions are imposed by the French state. Here are some interesting things about French Succession Law:
  •  According to the above-mentioned legislation, the partners must be married in order to be able to divide the inheritance, in case of a death in the family.
  •  The spouse and children inherit the property in the family. In the case of a single child, he/she receives 50% of the inheritance, while 66.6% represents the distribution of wealth for two children in the family.
  •  If there are no children in the family, the next heirs in the line of succession are the parents of the deceased.
  •  France does not recognize heirs who come from a civil union, divorce, or unmarried partnership.
  •  The French inheritance tax applies if the pension funds are bequeathed to the children, only if the deceased has been resident in France for at least 10 years.
All these aspects can be complicated in certain situations, so it is good to talk to a French lawyer about French property law on death. Our specialists can offer you complete information and specialized help in order to better understand the whole process.

French succession tax

The legislation is clear in this direction, and the French succession tax applies to wealth left to the family or given as a gift. Here is what the French succession tax entails:
  •  This tax is also applied taking into account the family relations and the value of the respective property.
  •  French succession tax applies to all properties, regardless of the country in which it is located. This is also available for residents in France.
  •  And if you receive an inheritance from abroad, even if you live in France, you must consider the French succession tax.
  •  Spouses and partners do not have to pay French inheritance tax. However, properties received as a gift and exceeding EUR 80,724 are subject to this tax.
  •  Children who inherit property following the death of their parent or parents must consider the French inheritance tax, which varies between 5% and 45%. This fee is not applicable in the case of EUR 100,000 as allowance.
We can discuss more about inheritance tax for France property, but you can contact our French lawyers. We are here to offer you the necessary legal advice if you are interested in this case.

Wills in France - how do they apply

A will is an important act by which a person declares, in writing, what will happen to his/her assets in case of death. Thus, this person can take care of the distribution of the respective properties, and this must be observed when the will is read in the family. In addition, the parties or persons inheriting the property may be established if there are no children or other relatives in the family. There are also situations in which unmarried people do not want to leave the assets of the partners they live with. This is where the will comes into play, which can help them protect their wealth.
Although the will in France can be written by hand, it is recommended to write this document in front of a notary, a case where you can be helped by our French lawyers.
Here are some interesting statistics in this direction:
  •  According to, only 10% of French people think about making a will.
  •  About 16% of people over the age of 65 living in France have made a will.
  •  Only 6% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 understood the importance of a will and drafted this document.
Therefore, those interested in French Succession Law can contact our law firm in France for all the details. We are at your disposal with all the information about inheritance tax for France property.