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Updated on Thursday 17th September 2020

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France is now one of the most powerful economies in the European Union which is why it attracts many foreign investors and citizens who want to relocate here for various purposes. With the legislation changing all the time in order to accommodate the needs of foreigners coming to this country, it is advisable to request the services of a law firm in France in order to understand all the changes the laws they are interested in have undergone.
Below, you can see the main legal services offered by our lawyers in France.

Services available for foreign investors in France


Legal services offered by our law firm in France to international clients interested in doing business in this country:
- incorporation of French companies
Our lawyers in France offer legal assistance to international clients who want to start a company in France. No matter if you need to open a limited liability company (SARL- Société A Responsabilité Limitée) or a joint stock company (S.A. - Société Anonyme), our French attorneys will represent you in front of authorities from France. You don’t have to come in person in this country in order to start a company, you can give us the power of attorney and we will act on behalf of you, helping you to set up any type of company you want. We also offer you services related to company formation, such as: virtual office, accounting services etc.
- opening subsidiaries and/or branches in France
If you decide to open a branch or a subsidiary of your company from abroad in France, you can rely on our law firm in France. Our lawyers will handle the entire procedure, until you can start your activity in this country.
- obtaining special permits or licenses
When you run certain types of economic activities in France, you will need special permits and licenses from the French authorities. You are not required to come in person in order to obtain these documents; all you have to do is get in touch our lawyers in France who will handle the procedure in order for you to obtain the authorizations you need, according to the French law.
-    mergers and acquisitions
Our French lawyers will assist you with the mergers and acquisitions you want to make, if you are interested in purchasing shares or stocks in a French company or you are involved in a corporate restructuring.
-    liquidation of France companies
After you decide to finish your business activity in France and you need to liquidate your company, our lawyers in France will offer you assistance throughout the whole procedure.
The attorneys from our law firm in France will represent you in front of any court of justice in France, throughout all the stages of a litigation.
-    tax advice and planning

Most foreign investors in France are interested in legal methods of minimization for their taxes. Our French lawyers will offer you different solutions, tailored to your business needs and according to the French law.

Assistance to foreign citizens relocating to France


Not only foreign citizens can benefit from legal services in France, but also citizens from other countries seeking to relocate to this country. The immigration procedure can be complicated for citizens of certain states, which is why discussing one’s options with a lawyer is recommended. There are several types of visas which can be obtained in France. Among these the work permit and the residence permit are the most sought by foreign citizens. There are also the possibilities of acquiring permanent residency and citizenship in France. In order to become a permanent resident of France implies living here for 5 consecutive years. The 5-year permanent residency is a condition for becoming a French citizen, however additional requirements apply. These can be explained by our attorneys in France.


Other services for foreign citizens relocating to France


Among the services our attorneys in France offer to foreign citizens moving here are:
  • -          assistance in buying a property: from real estate due diligence to preparing the sale-purchase agreement, we can guide you through all the stages of becoming the owner of a house;
  • -          assistance in employment matters: we can review employment contracts and advise in employment litigation cases;
  • -          trademark registration: foreign citizens who want to register their name with the Trademark Registration Office in France can benefit from guidance from our law firm;
  • -          assistance in family law matters: from marriage registration to legal assistance in divorce and child custody matters.
We invite you to watch a short video about the services we provide in France:

If you are interested in other types of legal services, offered by lawyers in other countries, such as United Kingdom or Malaysia, we may put you in touch with our affiliates. Please contact us for information on all the legal services available in France.