Legal services offered by our lawyers in Lyon

Legal services offered by our lawyers in Lyon

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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legal_services_in_lyon.jpgOur law firm in France offers legal services in Lyon and other major cities in France and it can be your trustworthy partner in any legal matter. Lyon is one of the largest and most known cities in France and its attributes make it an ideal location to open a company.

Professional services every step of the way

If you have already decided to set up a company in France or you are just testing the market and need to plan an accurate budget, our experts can help you asses the business start-up costs in Lyon.

Furthermore, in order to help you start your business, one of our experienced French lawyers will provide you useful assistance for renting/buying a property - a future head office for your business in France. This country is known for its luxury and high prices, so a professional is best suited to deal with real estate issues and the specific requirements related to taxes.

Desired type of company

Our French lawyers offer you legal assistance and help when you have to choose the type of company best suited for your needs. If you choose to set up an LTD (SARL - Société A Responsabilité Limitée), a joint stock company (S.A - Société Anonyme) or any other type of company, our team can guide you throughout the entire legal procedure.

Moreover, if you choose to open a subsidiary or a branch in Lyon, we will guide you through the specific legal process required to open them. For a complete explanation regarding the specifics of each type of company you can open in France, contact our French lawyers.

Does your company require special permits or licenses?

Our lawyers in Lyon can help you obtain the special permits and licenses necessary in France. The required special permits are issued by the local authorities and our lawyers will offer you all the assistance you need, including representing your best interests when obtaining the permits from the competent authorities.

Company liquidation and dissolution

If, however, you wish to terminate your current activity in France, our team can assist you in the process. In order to liquidate a company in France, you will need expert assistance. Our lawyers in Lyon can provide the needed help for company liquidation, dissolution or even in the event of bankruptcy.

Other services

From setting up your own company in France, to acquiring an existing business and specific company management issues, our team of lawyers in France can guide and represent you throughout your entire activity.