Listing on the Stock Exchange in Paris

Listing on the Stock Exchange in Paris

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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In 2000, the stock exchange from Paris merged with the Amsterdam, Lisbon and Brussels stock exchanges and they formed the second largest exchange in Europe, Euronext. Euronext Paris has almost 600 company listings, most of the domestic, but also foreign companies.

Euronext Paris is governed by the French Monetary Code and the French Financial Code. Besides being a market operator, Euronext Paris is also a specialized financial institution and it is also governed by the French banking legislation.
Our lawyers in France provide complete information about French legislation and the French Commercial Code.

Companies suitable for listing on the French Stock Exchange

There are several types of companies that can be incorporated in France and investors who want to list/trade companies on the Euronext Paris need to follow a few steps before listing.
The Euronext markets list more than 1,400 companies from over 30 countries around the world. In order for a company to be considered suitable for listing, there are several conditions that apply:
-a minimum amount of the company’s share capital must be publicly held after the listing;
- the listed shares must be transferable and negotiable after the listing;
- the company must have an operating history and an experienced management board;
- the company must be validly incorporated and able to offer its shares to the public.

Euronext Paris Markets

EU rules and regulations apply to all companies listed on the Euronext Markets. The European regulated markets of the Euronext are divided according to market capitalization:
- Compartment A: companies with a market capitalization of more than 1 billion euros;
- Compartment B: companies valued between 150 million euros and 1 billion euros;
- Compartment C: companies with a market capitalization of less than 150 million euros.
Our French lawyers will help you choose the market suitable for your company, according to these criteria. Also, we can provide more information about NSYE Alternext, a market that offers simplified access and it has fewer requirements.
Companies that want to trade on the French Stock Exchange must meet certain legal and accounting requirements. Our team of French lawyers and accountants can assist you during the listing process. Please contact our law firm in France for more details and a personalized offer of our legal services.