Open a Company in the Agriculture Sector in France

Open a Company in the Agriculture Sector in France

Updated on Friday 14th December 2018

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Open-a-company-in-the-agriculture-sector-in-France.jpgFrance has been one of the largest agricultural producers in the world for centuries and the country retains its position even in our days. Recent numbers show France is still a leader at European level with many farms operating all over the country which employ close to 10% of the workforce in the country.

French agricultural companies are renowned all over the world for the production of wine, sugar, milk and cereals. French farms are also known for the quality of beef and veal they export to countries all over the world.  Also, in 2014, France amended the Farms Law which now provides for the production of ecological agricultural products.

Foreign investors seeking to set up a business in the agriculture industry in this country can obtain more information on the laws related to this sector from our lawyers in France.

Registering an agricultural business in France

The establishment of a company in the agriculture sector in France is the same as for a business in any other industry. The first step is to choose the appropriate structure, verify the share capital requirements and prepare the documents of incorporation. Following that, the company can be registered with the French Trade Registrar. Our law firm in France can assists with the company registration procedure when opening a business in the agriculture industry.

The main businesses operating in the French agriculture sector are farms, as seen above, but also co-operatives which are usually employed by small enterprisers who work together.

Licenses related to the agriculture industry in France

All companies activating in the agriculture sector in France must register with the Chamber of Agriculture within the Commercial Register. Considering most of these companies also produce goods intended for export, they must also register with the Customs Authorities and obtain import and export licenses.

All products exported by agricultural companies in France must also comply with EU regulations and must respect the packaging and labeling requirements imposed by the EU.

For full information on the legal requisites to set up a farm in France, please feel free to contact us. Our French attorneys can also guide you through the company formation procedure.