Open an IT Company in France

Open an IT Company in France

Updated on Monday 15th May 2017

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Open-an-IT-company-in-FranceForeign investors interested in starting a business in France can take into account the information technology (IT) industry which has put the country on the map of the most developed digital economies in the world. With various programs targeting foreign talents seeking to relocate to France and start a company, the IT industry is one of the best choices an investor can make.

If you are interested in starting an IT company in France, you must comply with the several laws and apply for one of the licenses available based on the IT segment you are interested in. Our law firm in France can explain the legal requirements related to starting an IT business.

Laws regulating the IT industry in France

The most important law governing the French IT sector is the New Information and Communication Technologies Act which was recently amended. However, the Civil and the Commercial Laws also provide for the IT industry as the first establishes the rights of individuals related to using telecommunication services, while the Commercial Code covers the aspects related to the registration of the IT business in France.

Another law related to French IT companies is the Competition Act which provides for respecting certain requirements related to the prices of various services.

Types of IT companies in France

Opening an IT company in France is quite simple, as it only requires the registration of a business form with the Trade Register and then applying for the license related to the services it will offer or activities it will undertake. From these two points of view, French IT companies can:

  • -          create and sell software programs;
  • -          engage in research and development activities (which is one of the most profitable sectors of the IT industry);
  • -          develop websites and sell domain names;
  • -          offer Internet services;
  • -          offer web design services.

In order to start operating, the company must also obtain an authorization from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ART) in France.

If you are interested in starting a business in the IT sector in France, please contact us for assistance with the company registration process. Our attorneys in France can also offer information on the legislation related to the information technology industry.