Set Up a Hotel in France

Set Up a Hotel in France

Updated on Friday 14th December 2018

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Set-up-a-hotel-in-France - Copy.jpgThe beautiful landscapes across all regions make France a top touristic destination in Europe and in the world. Because of the same landscapes, foreign investors find France one of the most appealing destinations for opening companies in the hospitality sector. Cafes, bars, restaurants, and hotels are the most prolific businesses in tourism in France.

Those willing to invest large amounts of money in this sector can open various types of hotels in France. Below, our lawyers in France explain the legal requirements for opening a hotel in this country.

Registration of hotels in France

The limited liability company is the best solution when choosing the corporate structure of a hotel in France. Both local and foreign investors can choose this business form and register it with the Trade Register if they decide to set up hotels in France.

The documents required to open a hotel in France are the same as for any other companies in various industries, however, our local lawyers can assist with their preparation in order to avoid any mistakes.

Licenses when opening a hotel in France

Once the company is registered, one or more of the following licenses must be obtained by the hotel owners:

  • -          a food license, as most hotels in France also have restaurants in which clients serve traditional dishes;
  • -          an alcohol license, which is required if the hotel has a bar in which such beverages are sold;
  • -          a protection of minors notice, which is required to hotels in which alcoholic drinks are sold;
  • -          a fire safety authorization, which is mandatory no matter the type of hotel;
  • -          a license to play music on the premises of the hotel, where applicable.


Our French lawyers can offer more information on the licensing requirements for hotels.

Classification of hotels in France

All hotels in France must undergo a classification with the Tourism Development Agency. French hotels can be rated as:

  • -          one-star hotels;
  • -          two-star hotels;
  • -          three-star hotels;
  • -          four-star hotels;
  • -          five-star hotels.


These stars are granted based on the size of the rooms and the services and facilities offered.

If you want to open a hotel in France and need help in registering the company with the authorities, please contact our local law firm anytime.