Verification of a French Company

Verification of a French Company

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Investors request the verification of a French company when they decide to purchase an existing company in France. A complete company check-up guarantees that the purchase of the respective company is a safe investment and it meets the criteria of the buyer.
Our lawyers in France can offer complete company due diligence procedures and legal assistance in France.

Why purchase a company in France

France has one of the most developed economies in the world and it is very attractive for foreign investors. Foreign investments in France are encouraged through a range of incentives. However, the business start-up costs can be high in certain sectors.
Entrepreneurs who want to buy an existing business in France are advised to employ the services of French lawyers who can perform a careful research regarding the company. Failure to perform a complete verification may lead to the purchase of a non-profitable company or discovering significant debts already accumulated by the former company.
Purchasing a company in France has several advantages such as:
- acquiring the clientele of the former company,
- easier funding options,
- the business can be set up quickly,
- the former valuable employees can continue their work within the company.
If you decide to buy a company in France, there are two important types of company verification that can be performed by our lawyers in France.

Types of company verification in France

Our law firm in France can provide two types of company verification procedures, according to your preferences regarding the depth of the investigation.
A regular company verification in France includes the verification of the most important documents of the company. The items that will be checked are:
- the extract from the French Commercial Register shows the basic details about the company, such as its name, address, date of registration and information about the shareholders and directors;
- a copy of the company’s articles of association;
- the most recent accounts of the company.
A detailed company verification in France includes checking of all of the basic aforementioned documents and a further verification of all of the contracts signed by the French company and other details. Moreover, a financial audit is performed in order to provide a complete image of the company’s financial situation.
Please contact us for more information about company verification in France and other legal services.