Virtual Office in France

Virtual Office in France

Updated on Tuesday 26th June 2018

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Foreign companies that open businesses in France choose to have virtual offices in the main cities of this country in order to have registered offices. The virtual office has become more of a necessity nowadays because it incorporates all services provided by a physical office with less effort and money.

Below, our French lawyers explain why you should purchase a virtual office with us.

The main types of services provided through a French virtual office

Our lawyers in France can set up a virtual office with the following communication facilities:

  •          -        a local phone number in Paris or any other city with answering services included. Clients will be able to send or receive messages or any information directly to their office.
  •          -        voicemail services with the possibility to store and convert voice messages into e-mails and send them to client’s e-mail address or fax machine;
  •          -        we can provide our clients with call redirection services, so they will receive calls directly to their office;
  •          -        we can offer a fax number where we can collect faxes, sort them and then send them to our clients.
  •          -        on request, we can collect bank statements for clients with French bank accounts.


Our French virtual office services can be tailored to the clients’ requisites.

Space services for virtual offices in France

We can provide clients with a virtual office space in Paris, where they can get a prestigious registered office address in one of Paris’ select business centers without spending money on the rental in case they want to start a business in FranceWe can also help them set their professional address as a mailbox where they can receive, send and forward the mail without the implications of post office services. We can also provide business meeting and conference rooms whenever needed.

Our law firm in France can provide you with a full range of this type of services customized to any type of company.

The advantages of virtual offices in France

Other than the obvious money related advantage, there are also other benefits for having a virtual office in France:

  •          -       virtual offices can be set up in one or more French cities,
  •          -       clients do not need to go through all the procedures of hiring personnel,
  •          -       clients can select the business center where your virtual office will be,
  •          -       clients can benefit from high professional services in a French virtual office.

Our French law firm can advise you on many legal matters such as registering a business or opening a virtual office.

Virtual office vs. traditional office in France

Because of the questions our lawyers receive on how virtual offices work in France, we have prepared a brief comparison between the virtual office and the traditional one:

Virtual Office  Traditional Office
 Cheaper to obtain  More expensive to rent
 Can be temporary  Can be temporary
 No personnel required  Requires at least 1 employee          
 Comes completely equipped  Must be equipped 
 Maintenance costs are included in the contract           Higher maintenance costs


You can also contact our lawyers in order to be up to date with the latest provisions about the French corporate law.