Wealth Management in France

Wealth Management in France

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Wealth_management_in_France.jpgWealth management is a professional service requested by companies in France and high-income individuals. It combines financial and investment advice, with accounting and tax services in France and it can also contain legal and estate planning. Wealth management services usually encompass all or part of these services and are delivered by professionals in the field. 
Our lawyers in France are ready to assist you with any requests for wealth management services.

Wealth management in France

France is a top business destination in Europe and is the home of many important and successful companies. Foreign investors in France know that in order to maintain their reputation and position on the French market, irrespective of the business field in which they operate, they have to secure their assets and plan their finances effectively.
Wealth management in France incorporates:
- financial planning,
- investment portofolio management and other financial services,
- investment banking services,
- foreign exchange services.
Wealth management is usually requested by companies in France, while private wealth management is requested by high-income individuals who want to manage their assets in France.
Because wealth management is a consultative process, it is based on the adviser-client relationship, wealth managers in France need to understand the needs of their clients and provide the best financial products or services.
Our French attorneys can assist you if you need business consulting services in France.

Why choose wealth management services?

An expert or a team of experts will attend to the financial needs of your company and can also be involved in retirement planning. This means that your investment profile will constantly be updated based on the current conditions and investments will be well planned and thoroughly considered. 
If you want to open a new business in France or decide that you want to invest in real estate in this beautiful country, a wealth manager will be able to guide you and recommend the best investment options. 
By employing the services of a French wealth manager, you can avoid costly or risky mistakes, save time and improve results.
Please contact our law firm in France for more information about financial planning in France or a complete and detailed offer of our legal services in France.