Create a Company in Healthcare Sector in France

Create a Company in Healthcare Sector in France

Updated on Friday 14th December 2018

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Create-a-company-in-healthcare-sector-in-France.jpgFrance has one of the most complex healthcare systems in Europe. Innovation plays an important in the developed of this industry, so foreign investors deciding to set up a business in the French healthcare industry will also find a lot of support from the government and many innovative techniques they can use. It is also useful to know that starting a business in the healthcare sector does not mean only opening a medical facility, but also creating a research and development business related to the healthcare field or an insurance company specialized in offering health insurance services, as all French residents are required to have such an insurance.

Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors interested in creating a company in the healthcare sector.

Legislation related to the healthcare industry in France

The most important law providing for the opening of a healthcare facility in France is the Health Coverage Act. Apart from this, the legislative also enabled other laws which establish the legal framework under which French companies in this industry, among which:

  • -          the Public Health Code;
  • -          the Statutory Health Insurance Law;
  • -          Law No. 2002-303 which provides for the protection of personal data of individuals treated in French facilities.

In order to comply with the last law, French companies must register with the Shared Healthcare Information Systems Agency (ASIP). Our law firm in France can offer more information on the protection of personal data legislation.

Registering a healthcare company in France

The first step to open a company in the French healthcare industry, an investor or another company, be it local or foreign, must register any of the business forms provide by the Commercial Code with the Trade Register. Following that the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health must be obtained. These licenses depend on the activities the company will undertake. For example, a commercial license must be obtained by pharmaceutical companies that want to sell their products. Import or export licenses are also required certain medical products are imported or exported.

Medical staff from outside France can apply for visas specifically designed for personnel qualified in the healthcare field.

For assistance with the registration process of a healthcare business, please contact our French lawyers.