France to Become a High-tech Leading Economy in Europe


The State of European Tech is an annual report put together by an international venture capital fund with the purpose of assessing European countries’ interest in venture capital. 2017 was marked by the creation of a large number of startups in which France reached one of the best scores since the report has been created. Our lawyers in France can help foreign enterprisers who want to start small businesses in this country.

France Ranked 10th in the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Index


The end of 2017 brought good news to France which rose 3 places in the index released by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI). It should be noted that the report reflexes France’s capabilities of attracting and retaining investors in 2018. According to the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship IndexFrance now ranks 10th among 137 countries assessed by the GEDI. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors who want to open companies in this country.

France Improves Ranking in World Bank's Doing Business Report


The World Bank recently released the 15th Doing Business Report which assess countries all over the world in terms of regulations that ease of harden the possibility of starting a company in 190 countries. Among these countries is also France which has improved its overall ranking at both global and European levels. Our lawyers in France can explain the latest regulations which have made it easier for foreign investors to do business in this country.

Paris, the Most Innovative Capital in the EU in 2017


France has recently completed another step towards becoming one of the most innovative economies in the world, as its capital, Paris was awarded the 2017 European Capital of Innovation. 31 European cities competed for the prize which also meant 1,000,000 euros which will be further invested in other innovative projects. Foreign investors who want to start a business in industries which imply innovation can rely on our law firm in France.

A Few Tips on Opening a Corporate Acccount in France


One of the most important steps when opening a company in France is setting up the bank account. Moreover, companies’ relations with banks are important because all transactions must pass through them. In this article we will explore the French banking system and the requirements for opening corporate bank accounts in this country. Our lawyers in France can assist companies seeking to open various types of accounts here.

Investment and Employment Assistance Grants for French Companies


The French government offers many incentives to foreign investors who want to open companies here or foreign companies seeking to expand their activities in an European country. The programs were designed to offer various types of support, among which tax incentives, equity investments, government guarantees when applying for loanssocial security exemptions for companies hiring employees and so on. Below, our French lawyers explain the programs destined to companies interested in receiving incentives related investments and job creation.


France Is a Leading Venture Capital Country in Europe


France is no longer just the first country in terms of high-tech startups in Europe, but now it has become the leading state for funds raised through venture capital on the continent. The amount raised by French venture capital in the first seven months of the year was 2.7 billion euros, surpassing Germany and the United Kingdom. Our lawyers in France can explain the regulation related raising money through venture capital.

Strong Reasons to Invest in France


France has a strong and stable economy in Europe and it is considered a major player worldwide from this point of view. The skilled labor force and the taxation system are preferred and taken into consideration by investors who want to establish their businesses in France. There are numerous reasons to invest in France, where the legislation is permissive and accessible for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Our lawyers in France can explain the legal matters regarding the documents and the taxes when opening a company in France.

Pro-Business Reforms to Attract Foreign Investors in France


Changing the direction of the labor force and considering what the best ways to attract foreign direct investments in France are among important measures the French government think of for the last months of 2017. Several reforms will be adopted in an important business field where investments can improve the economy and the stability of the country. With varied opportunities of investment, both local and foreign businessmen can focus on the main French industries, where they can set up businesses or relocate activities, with the legal help of our lawyers in France.

France Ranks First in the 2017 Soft Power 30 Report


There is no doubt about the diplomacy of the French people, considering since ancient times the country has hosted many international congresses where important agreements were signed. France also mediated various international conflicts. These achievements have transformed France in an influential country at international level and, according to the Soft Power 30 report, in 2017 France became the most influential state in the world. Foreign investors interested starting a business in this country can request the legal services of our law firm in France.

The French Government to Boost the Tourism Sector


Tourism was always one of France’s most prolific sectors and has contributed significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the years. If in 2015, it registered a slight decrease, in 2016 tourism bounced back reaching 83 million visitors. In order to encourage these numbers to grow, the government has announced several measures which will be implemented starting with November 1st, 2017. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors who want to start a business in tourism.

The French Tech Visa Program - What Does It Imply?


France is one of the most prolific economies in the European Union, and as all developed economies it need qualified personnel who can add value to the work carried out in companies operating across the country. After launching the largest tech startup incubator in the world at the end of June, now the government announced the French Tech Visa program meant to attract foreign talents who work in the research and development industry. Our lawyers in France can offer information on how to obtain a work permit.


France Inaugurated the Largest Startup Incubator in the World


Starting with June 29thFrance has the largest incubator in the world dedicated to tech startup companies. Located in Paris, the 34,000 square-meter location comprises spaces which can host up to 1,000 French companies seeking to develop their businesses. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors interested in setting up companies here.

Venture Capital Funding for French Startups Rose in 2016


With the number of startups booming during the last couple of years, it was natural for more financing solutions to be enabled by the French government. However, two recent studies show that in 2016 venture capital for startups has increased considerably. It must be noted that venture capital is provided by private companies and not by the authorities which proves that the French business community believes in companies with high development potential. Our French lawyers can assist entrepreneurs interested in opening companies in this country.

Tourism Registered New Growth Numbers in France Last Year


Foreign investors oriented towards the French tourism industry will welcome the news that France was the world’s leading destination for tourists in 2016. The total number of foreign visitors rose to 83 million last year in France. Statistics show that France surpassed Spain and the United States in the number of foreign citizens coming here for leisure purposes. Our lawyers in France can assist foreign investors interested in setting up business in the tourism industry.


FM Sapin: Household and Business Confidence Stand at a Very High Level


The signs of the expected economy growth in France appeared in the last quarter of 2016, due to more resistant consumer market and numerous important investments in the country. Experts and statistics predict the same trends for this year, when France must remain one of the strongest economies in Europe, aligning with the powerful countries. If you are interested in making investments in France, you are advised to solicit help and guidance from our France lawyers. They can also help you in tax matters for your company registered in France.

Changes in the Taxation System in France in 2017

The taxation system in France applies to all companies and natural persons in the country related to the generated incomes. 2017 comes with important changes which we are going to relate to this article. But before we enter into details, we remind that our lawyers in France are able to provide you with complete information and legal assistance for your company in the city.

5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Invest in France


When you think of France, you think of tourism, French bread, fashion, arts, culture, the Eiffel Tower, justice, beautiful landscapes, wines, great food and important history, but besides the above mentioned, the country has a stable economy and a great investment potential. There are so many significant domains where local and foreign entrepreneurs can analyze the opportunities and can suitably enter the market to make profits.

France Ranks 8th in the Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index


France continues to remain one of the most attractive countries in terms of foreign investments at global and European level, according to the latest Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index released by A.T. Kearney. The main factors leading to France’s position in the report are several reforms undertaken by the government. Our French lawyers can offer more information on the latest changes brought to the legislation on foreign direct investment.

New Investment Opportunities for French Companies in Africa


The closeness to Africa brought France significant advantages when it comes to investments. This is why a great number of companies in the innovation sectors have gathered at a meeting held in Paris in order to agree upon investments opportunities for French companies in Africa. Our lawyers in France can offer more information on the legislation on foreign direct investment.

Short Guide on Income Tax Thresholds in France in 2016


The French tax authorities have recently launched a guide providing for the income tax exemption thresholds and the taxation of non-residents owning properties in France. The new guide offers also an insight on how to file the tax returns before becoming liable for taxation. Our French lawyers can offer more information on the taxation system in this country.


Residency Program for Investors in France


Foreign entrepreneurs who have the possibility to invest a large amount in France can benefit of a residency program that will grant them a 10-year economic residency permit. This facility is granted for non-Schengen entrepreneurs who will make a long-term investment with non-speculative goals. 

Relocating Your Business in France after Brexit


Great Britain hasn’t even left the EU yet, still many UK nationals living or commuting to France are starting to weigh their options on whether to move back to the UK or simply move out for good. The same happened to UK business owners who now have to face a difficult choice: what country in the EU is a better fit for needs after Brexit? From many points of view, France seems one of the appropriate choices after Brexit.

France, the 3rd Largest Foreign Investments Recipient in Europe in 2016


France excels in terms of foreign investment attractiveness, according to the latest survey issued by the EY for 2016. Data shows that France remains among the strongest recipients of foreign investments in Europe, occupying the third position. Our lawyers in France can provide more information on the legislation governing foreign direct investments.

France Registered Lower Unemployment in First Quarter of 2016


Unemployment levels have dropped in March and April in France, according to the latest survey carried by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). These were the first two consecutive months when the unemployment level has decreased since the economic crisis began. France is also about the change its Labor Law in order to help employment go up.